What Is Inflammaging And How Can You Prevent It?

Here’s everything you need to know about how inflammation of the skin is accelerating ageing…


What Is Inflammaging?

Inflammaging has become quite the buzzword in skincare recently as more and more of us are becoming aware of the long-term effects. In fact, it’s taken TikTok by storm too. Put simply, ‘inflammaging’ is inflammation of the skin which accelerates ageing. “It’s a term used to describe chronic, persistent, underlying inflammation of the skin which consequently exhausts the skin’s defense system,” says Victoria. “Whilst a degree of inflammation in the body is good since it is a repair process, when it is constant it causes damage. With regards to the skin, it weakens the structure and causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin and also impairs the skin’s barrier function,” she adds. 

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Inflammaging?

In the short term, signs of inflammaging can include redness, dryness and dullness as well as enlarged pores and an overall lacklustre-looking complexion. Long-term, it can cause an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and a loss of elasticity and firmness. 

What Causes Inflammaging?

Skin inflammation can be caused by a whole host of different things. “The biggest culprits are typically environmental factors like UV exposure, pollution and blue light but certain lifestyle choices like your diet, poor sleep and increased stress levels are also to blame,” warns Victoria. Let this be your reminder to wear SPF every day and prioritise healthy habits like a well balanced diet, rest and relaxation and trying to bank enough sleep. Like with most skin conditions, an efficacious skincare regime is also a must. 

How To Treat Inflammaging

Like with most things, prevention is always better than cure so do try to be mindful of the environmental and lifestyle factors we just mentioned, but for those already suffering with both short and long-term effects, our best advice is to look at adding in anti-inflammatory products to help soothe and repair your skin.

The Best Skincare Products To Treat Inflammaging 

If you’re new to Skin Bureaux, each and every one of our products has been expertly created with inflammation and ageing in mind and harnesses the powers of sustainably-sourced CBD and CBG (another anti-inflammatory cannabinoid). You can read more about these two powerhouse ingredients here but they both bring an abundance of benefits to the skin. 

Skin inflammation (like redness and irritation) is a common concern for so many and our best advice for helping to reduce this is with a soothing serum or moisturiser. For day time use, try our Super Defence Vitamin C Serum. Packed with our signature anti-inflammatory duo of CBD and CBG alongside vitamin B5 and E, it works wonders for not only calming and hydrating your skin but it also provides next-level protection against environmental aggressors and even helps to bring a radiant glow thanks to vitamin C. For super stressed skin, you can even try layering our Rescue & Relieve Probiotic Anti-Inflammatory Moisturiser, which is again packed with CBD and CBG as well as a reparative blend of probiotics, niacinamide and adaptogens. This too helps to calm and restore.

When it comes to the best anti-inflammatory skincare for your evening routine, try our Rest & Reset Night Cream. Welcoming a revolutionary formula of CBD, CBG, antioxidant-rich resveratrol, niacinamide and lavender, it gets to work overnight so you can wake up to a happier, healthier-looking complexion.