Four Reasons Why This Is The Best Eye Cream

Here’s why you’ll want to be adding our bestselling Bright & Tight Eye Cream to your routine ASAP…

Looking for the best eye for dark circles? The best eye cream for wrinkles? Not yet using an eye cream as part of your skincare routine and want to know more? Carry on reading… 

What Is Eye Cream And Why Should You Use One?

Eye creams are specifically formulated for use around the eye area which is much more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the skin on your face. They are typically thicker formulas and use active ingredients which are aimed at solving eye-related skin concerns. 

As you know, we’re big on tackling skin inflammation here at Skin Bureaux and did you know that the eyes are one of the first areas of noticeable underlying inflammation? It’s common to notice wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness which, like with the rest of your skin, usually occur because of a breakdown of collagen, sun exposure and other lifestyle and environmental factors. With this in mind, a targeted eye cream packed with efficacious ingredients can help to counteract AND prevent this. 

Our Bright & Tight Eye Cream is packed with our signature powerhouse duo of CBD and CBG alongside green tea extract, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, gentle retinol, tuberose and betaine to help deliver a multitude of benefits. Here are four reasons why you’ll want to be adding it to your skincare routine…

It Will Help With The Appearance Of Dark Circles

“Pesky dark circles under the eyes are a common complaint for many and can often be as a result of environmental stress such as UV radiation which stimulates melanin production,” says Dr Victoria. To help counteract this, our Eye Cream welcomes a revolutionary blend of ingredients such as anti-inflammatory CBD and CBG (more about these two here), gentle retinol and antioxidant-rich green tea and caffeine which all help to lighten and brighten for fresher-looking eyes. 


It Helps With Unwanted Bags And Puffiness

“As we age, the collagen responsible for upholding the integrity of our skin begins to break down which causes sagging and a loss of elasticity,” says Dr Charlotte. “This degeneration of collagen occurs earliest around the eyes where the skin is thinnest,” she adds. Again, caffeine eye creams are great for helping to reduce puffiness thanks to its vasoconstrictive and diuretic properties. 


It Helps With Fine Lines And Wrinkles 

Another BIG benefit of our Eye Cream is its ability to help promote more youthful-looking eyes. A retinol eye cream (like ours) is great for gently stimulating and stabilising the production of both collagen and elastin which can help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Since it is also packed with antioxidants, it will help protect your eyes from future damage too. Tuberose and betaine (both natural plant derivatives) also help to give a noticeable firming effect, whilst hyaluronic acid hydrates to help boost elasticity.

It’s Well Suited To All Skin Types 

Like with every Skin Bureaux product, our Bright & Tight Cream has been cleverly created to suit anyone and everyone – even those with the most sensitive of skin. “Since it does include retinol (albeit a very gentle source), we would suggest building up a tolerance if you’re new to using retinol,” says Dr Victoria. Try twice a week before building up to every other day and then using nightly. 


How To Apply Eye Cream

Apply a pea-sized amount to your ring finger and dab around the eye area as the last step in your routine. Gently massage in. “For maximum results and to really reap the rewards, use consistently,” says Dr Charlotte.